Privacy Policy

Tablexia is an educational application intended to improve cognitive abilities, developed and operated by the CZ.NIC Association, z. s. p. o., IČ 67985726, registered office Milešovská 1136/5, 130 00, Prague 3.

Before you start using the application, please read carefully the terms and conditions concerning the protection of your personal data. If you are under 15, please inform your parents which apps, including Tablexia, you are using on your mobile devices and consult the information below with them. Be sure to also check the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the platform from which you’re downloading the app.

The main character in the app is you – or more accurately a detective whom you design at the start: you can pick whether it’s a boy or a girl, what’s his or her name, how old they are and what they look like. It’s up to you whether your detective has anything in common with you.

To make sure the app works correctly and does what you expect it to, we have to process some of the data that you enter when you start using the app and data that we gain while you are using it.

This includes information about you (or rather your detective) that you provide when you set up a user profile in the app, i.e. before you start playing:

  • information about your detective (their name, age, gender, avatar – profile picture, signature);

You can have more detectives on a single device.

Other information we may process:

  • your e-mail address (if you subscribe to our newsletter – this is however not required to use the app and not in any way mandatory; you can also unsubscribe at any time)

Other processed data:

  • data on games you’ve played and their results;
  • information about the device on which the app is installed (device type, operating system);
  • app usage statistics gathered through Google Play, Google Analytics, App Store, Crashlytics and Flurry from where you can download the app.

Why do we need this information and what do we do with it:

  • we process the data in both automated and manual processes on our devices or devices under our direct control, including outside the Czech Republic;
  • only a limited number of people have access to the data;
  • we process and evaluate data on games played and their results so we can keep improving the app;
  • if you are subscribed to our newsletter, we will e-mail you from time to time to let you know what’s new in the game; If you no longer wish to receive these e-mails, you can simply unsubscribe (every e-mail tells you how to do this);
  • information on devices on which the app is installed helps our engineers, graphics designers and other people to make sure that the game looks and works as it should on your device.

What we definitely never do with your data:

  • we never share it with any other persons, with the exception of statistical and anonymised data (from which no one can tell which detectives they concern)

How long we process and store your data:

  • data on your detective for as long as your user profile is active and for 6 more months after you cancel your profile – so you can return to the game;
  • your e-mail address until you unsubscribe;
  • statistical and anonymised outputs including information on games played and achieved results (without the detective’s data) and information on devices on which the app was installed and used are processed without limitations.

We take protection of your personal data very seriously. If you need more information including a description of your rights (deletion, objection, transferability and more), you will find it in our Privacy Policy document. If there is any conflict between the information in the Privacy Policy and in this document, then the information in this document applies.

If you have any questions concerning the protection of your data or Tablexia as such, don’t hesitate to contact us – you will find our contact details on or